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Charcoal body scrub

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Looking for a natural exfoliant to help promote circulation? Look no further! 

The charcoal body scrub in mini or large bars are perfect for helping improve circulation to skin.

Made from organic, natural ingredients, amd scented with grapefruit essential oils they're sure to invigorate and energise.

The sugar granules offer a gentle exfoliating experience, helping remove dead skin cells and promoting new, smooth skin, whilst the rubbing and slight friction helps improve circulation. Combining exfoliation and circulation is also said to help lessen the appearance of cellulite! 

Simply wet, and rub over the area in a circular motion. 


activated charcoal
coconut shell powder
coconut oil
essential oil/fragrance oil
Raw sugar
natural vegan soap base

Are Sugar Scrubs Safe For DiabeticsSugar is not absorbed through the skin, and will not increase glucose in most cases. However, exfoliating the skin can cause abrasions, which can allow sugar to enter the blood stream and spike sugar levels.

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